Investor Tips

Be A Problem Solver like Grant Trevithick

August 6, 2020

How many times in life do we come across people who constantly want to live in chaos? Could this possibly be you? Somehow growing up having problems also becomes a way in which some seek to get attention, as they grow this habit doesn’t disappear it only takes on a new form.

However, we can start to look to become a problem solver. This is by far the best definition of an entrepreneur, solving people’s problems for a profit. In the Real Estate Investing community, this is the ideal stance you should take. How can you help a family transition into a better place? How can you help a family that may not qualify through traditional means get into the perfect home? How can you also help your community at the same time?

All these things can be done and more! Owner Finance is one way in the Real Estate world in which you can solve all of these issues. It’s also a great way to generate multi-generational wealth for your family as well as increase your time with them.